You’ve Got a Site – Now What?

So you’ve got a website raring to go to go and you aim to get the word out to either make money on it or promote it so it’s the most popular page of it’s kind. Now what?

Well, the first thing you must do is double check to make certain the site is as search engine friendly as possible. Go ahead. I’ll wait. Done? Perfect. So, now it’s simple for the search engines to locate and sort it once they do find it. Time to get that website where it can be seen.

One of the most general ways to get a site’s pressence known in through Pay-Per-Click campaigns. They will assure you that the most qualified and targeted visitors come to your website. Keep your keyword and phrases as pertinent as possible. If you keep your bids low it can be a profitable campaign when it targets the appropriate audience. Keep track of the keywords people are clicking on to reach to your site as well. This can tell you if you’re targeting the appropriate people or if you need to modify your ad approach. Yahoo and Google are two very well-liked websites to do PPC campaigns on. There’s numerous articles on the benefits and banes of PPC, and though it’s not the focus on this one, it’s usefulness to site promotion can’t be simply overlooked.

Posting on forums is one more way to promote your site. Do it specifically on forums with a theme related to your website. Check the TOS and make certain you can do it there first though. Simply inserting your web address in your signature can create clicks through the forum, as well as create backlinks for your site. If the forum has a high ranking Page Rank in Google it will work out even better for you. The foremost benefit of this is the backlinks your posts create which certain search engine “spiders” deem gradually more important as they find your site linked more and more in various places on the internet.

On the notion of linking, reciprocal linking is a further way to promote your website. This simply means trading links with someone by putting a link on your website to them and they put a link on their website to you. Websites like Link Market and SEO Link Exchange are designed for solely this purpose. As long as you keep the sites linking to you and from you pertinent to your own site it should be merely a matter of time before the search engine spiders discover your site. The old fashioned way of emailing the webmaster of the site’s can do it for you as well, but web services like the aformentioned ones, get rid of minor steps that might make it harder to get linked using easy “Accept”/”Reject” buttons.

I hope this helps get your site to the top of the search engines.

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